>I hail from Montana; a state that has beautiful mountains and countless evergreens, even if they happen to be on the far side.

He hails from North Dakota; a state known mostly for its sunflower seeds and windmills. It’s windy there.

I met him in that windy state.

The summer I met my guy was supposed to be my last summer in that mountainless, windy state. I moaned and groaned a lot about being there–three years, in fact–even though I knew God had guided me there and was doing tremendous things in my life all the while. It was during my first stint in Medora, the tourist trap which holds the entrance to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, that God chastised my ungrateful heart.

Why have you enjoyed every other place you’ve lived, yet you choose to despise North Dakota?

This question He posed at me made my soul stand at attention. Yes, Sir! God was right.

It couldn’t be that North Dakota was windy or that it didn’t possess mountains for I loved Tulsa, and it was windy and flat there.

Sure, it wasn’t Seattle, a city with hustle and bustle, but it was safe. I could jog around town at 9:00 pm and not worry that I hadn’t taken self-defense courses or have to carry a can of mace in my pocket. I didn’t mind the trade-off: city for safety.

The reason I didn’t love the prairie state had nothing to do with grieving past friendships or lacking love interests for I had found both friendships and love there. And those friends I wanted to remain in-touch with, I did keep contact.

To this day, I still don’t know what it was that I was hanging onto. I don’t know what I was really disliking, but I do know that I had to let go of something to truly be grateful. I had to “Let go, and let God…” do what He does best.

I humbled my spirit and apologized for my whining. I was acting like an wandering Israelite; not very becoming for a nice young lady like myself! I asked God to change my heart. Heaven knew I was unable to do it on my own, and slowly, but surely I came ’round to His way of thinking.

He renewed a love for “place” in my life.

I decided then that no matter where I might live, whether it be the mountains, the beach, plains, village, city, farm… I would choose to love it. And over the remaining time we spent in that great state, though it still is not my favorite place in the whole, wide world, I learned to love it. It is beloved to me today because I chose to focus on the beneficial, unique, and special. I tried to listen to the things God was saying to me for He chose to say them to me while I was in that place.

As a follower of Jesus, I have to believe that if I’m following his steps and He goes to Nigeria, there’s a reason I would need to be in Nigeria with Him. If He leads me to Montreal, then there’s a beautiful thing waiting for me there. If God chooses that I be back in North Dakota, I will go willingly and whistling all the way.

My steps are ordered by Him (Prov. 20:24).

In a little less than three weeks, I will be going back to Medora with my family for the summer. I’m excited. My heart is happy and forward-looking. I may grumble from time-to-time, but the grumbles come from a heart of love and appreciation.

Medora holds memories for me. God changing my heart, that’s one of them.

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  1. The Verkerk Family... says:

    Man time flies. I can’t believe you’re leaving again for the summer…and so soon! 🙁

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