My Top 10: Scraping Paint

>Since being in Medora these past days, I’ve been scraping A LOT of paint. These are the results of this activity:

1. My hands are now visibly different. Right hand, now manly; left hand, still womanly. Scraping paint, even for a few days, can really make a powerful difference.

2. I’ve been forced to work with some really cool young people which has been fun and has inspired some super fun conversation. Diversity truly spices up life!

3. Repetitive activity for extended periods of time frees the mind to wander in beautiful, enriching places. My mind has been challenged while engaging in mind-numbing activity.

4. Scraping paint is absolutely exhausting!

5. Scraping a large piece of paint is thoroughly satisfying to the soul and worth a show-‘n-tell with the co-workers.

6. I now consider myself a professional at this skill/craft.

7. Though I can think of a million things I would rather do than scrape paint, I can also think of a million things that are probably worse. In the broad scope of life, scraping paint isn’t really that bad.

8. Complaining about it actually makes the task more fun.

9. Amp green is a horrible color.

10. At least I have arms.

* Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this list!

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  1. The Verkerk Family... says:

    I love reading your blogs!

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