>First of all, since my last post, I’ve received a lot of traffic here. I guess that’s what “Derek Jeter” will do for a blog, but I’m sorry to disappoint the droves of you who come here looking for a good story about the beloved NY Yankee only to find that I actually care more about Jesus than Jeter.

Today’s blog is a compilation of random thoughts–none quite tied to the others.

I hate boxing. I think it is a criminal sport much like dog-fighting. I also think that those who get a thrill out of it are a bit deranged. It’s absolutely pathetic watching grown men dance around a ring punching each others’ face until the other undergoes a mild coma wherein the one that meted out all the destruction is the hero of the ring. And along with that, let’s just watch a one-time perfectly attractive fellow “push through” broken noses, cheekbones, split lips and eye swelling, just to name a few injuries sustained in this brilliant pastime. When did we decide that mangling someone’s face and injuring a person’s brain was a valid “sport?”

I love seeing “war wounds” on my children; meaning, some scrapes and bruises are lovely to me. The ones I speak of are the kind suffered at the hands of bravery and risk-taking. I’m not the kind of mother that hovers by her children to keep them from bumps and bruises, encouraging extreme caution and timidity because I can’t stand to see them hurt. While I don’t enjoy the pain of my children, I encourage them to jump off tall things, to fly off swings, and climb as high as they can. It is good that they take risks, and if they fall and scrape a knee as a result, I encourage them to do it again and again so that they might overcome and stare fear in the face and smile. Battle bruises, in this case, are beautiful, and a mommy’s kisses are always welcome at the playground.

I am plagued with a restless spirit. I often get in moods where things just don’t feel right, and I sense the need to go somewhere or do something. For a long time my restlessness would take me to the mall or a bookstore or a television program so that I could find more things with which to decorate my life–clothing, picture frames, books of quotes, candles, lipstick, intriguing story lines, etc. But I’ve since learned that the best thing I can do to ease the restlessness in me is to succumb to the Father and read His Word. Often, prayer doesn’t ease it for the prayers I pray while in my funkiness are mere ramblings. It is His words to me that center my soul and calm my spirit.

I love skirts. I especially love them in the summer and wear one almost every day. The reason for this is because I hate shorts. For me, throwing on a skirt is the same as throwing on a pair of shorts, except better. Skirts allow better air flow than a pair of shorts or capris, hide the flaws better, and almost always look dressier. I don’t wear skirts to out-dress anyone; I just like ’em.

My jury is out on the issue of tithing. I take no issue with the spiritual discipline of giving, even a certain percentage (10%), for it is good and right and godly to give, but I’m not quite certain about the where of the giving. *I think I’ll blog a little more in-depth about this in the up-coming days.*

Gossip is tricky. To begin, who determines what constitutes as gossip and what doesn’t? Is gossip only the information that is blatantly inaccurate such as rumors? Or is gossip the spread of information that sheds negative light on someone? But what if the sharing of negative information about someone is actually beneficial such as telling a friend not to send her children to a particular day care because of things you’ve heard or witnessed? Is it gossip then? Furthermore, private people hold certain information about themselves differently than those who consider themselves to be more open. The exchange of information about a private person even in neutral terms could be viewed as gossip-y by that individual. Because gossip is so tricky, I’ve seen a lot of people not talk about circumstances and situations that have a great impact simply because they don’t want to be seen as gossiping. This can be good, but it can also have negative effects. Sometimes talking things out with others or airing dirty laundry is good. Where the heart and the mouth meet, there danger lurks. Trick-y!

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