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>17 days and counting.

I should be further along, given that we’ll be rolling out of here U-Haul style in 2 1/2 weeks, but I can’t seem to really get in the groove. Yes, I know, it will all come together, but I’m still waiting for the moving fairy to come and wave her pretty little wand and, VIOLA!, the entire house is wrapped and packed and loaded.
I have a feeling the moving fairy is on vacation in Tahiti for the next couple weeks.

Nevertheless, this week is not last week. Last week I was completely overwhelmed, so I called my mom, and she came down from Montana to help me out. She spent the entire week doing my laundry, vacuuming, and scrubbing walls and saying over and over, “I feel like we should have more done. I don’t feel like I’m really doing anything.”

She was partially correct. We could’ve gotten more done, perhaps, but the reason I called my mom was because I needed my mother’s presence more than anything. I was overwhelmed, and the little things she did all week were just what I needed. I didn’t need a worker bee or a maid, I just needed a reassuring presence that wasn’t in the form of my husband.

Even a 30-something, independent, stubborn young-ish woman like myself needs her mother every now and then. So what if we spend too many hours sighing and rolling our eyes about one another. So what if we absolutely don’t see eye-to-eye. So what.

For some reason, just having her here was everything I needed. Thanks mom!

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