What an Ensemble!

>When I was a single 20-something, I used to devour magazines like Vogue, W, and InStyle. These days, however, I’m more inclined to read Real Simple, Martha Stewart’s Living, and Cookie.

As such, I was unaware, until today, of this young teenager making news and waves within the fashion world. I’m not so sure I’m ready to take fashion advice from a 13 year old quite yet, but I do want her scarf, er . . chain . . . whatever that is.

Those shoes, however, not on my life!!! And when my tights get a runner in them, I throw them away. Who knew busted up pantyhose were meant to be paraded!?

*Find out more about Tavi Gevinson at her blog:
Style Rookie.

Photo: Eric Ryan, Getty Images

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One Response to “What an Ensemble!”
  1. The Owl's Closet says:

    i just love her chain scarf, too! she's so adorable:)


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