Life in a Tourist Town

>Today was the conclusion of our tourist season, for the most part, here in “beautiful historic Medora.” I say the tail end of that phrase with a bit of an accent and a hint of sarcasm. (Okay, maybe heavy on the sarcasm, but give me a little break. We’ve had gads of tourists walking in front of our house for the past 3 months straight.)

For the past 3 months our tiny rural community turns into a cruise ship without the water and without the ship–there’s a whole heck of a lot of people in a very small space with only a hand-full of things to do, not to mention the staff: college students and non-English-speaking recruits.

By the end of the season, all the seasonal workers are ready for a vacation after having dealt with vacationers all summer, but for many, school is now in session, hurricane season has begun, and snow-fall is just around the corner. “Vacation” is kind of a dirty word around here.

Peace and quiet, however, is a reality! Ahhhhhhhhh. . .

The ice cream parlor, yesterday only had 6 flavors to choose from. Usually they have about 20, but they closed today so they weren’t making anymore. The burger shack was out of “tacos in a bag”, veggie burgers, and hot dogs. The pizza parlor was nearly out of cheese. Things are shutting down, businesses are not re-stocking their shelves/refrigerators, and stores are drastically marking down their inventory. Even the sun refused to shine! It was glorious!

Things are coming to an end, though not completely because the Rough Rider Hotel will stay open year-round this year, but my husband came home happy. By the end of the day, no cars were parked in front of our house and the streets were quiet. The town herself seemed to be sighing with relief.

Life in a tourist town, at least this one, is crazy for 3 months and the next 9 months are spent recuperating. Let the bed-rest begin!

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  1. Judy says:

    I love this one too! You have way more gifts and talents that you think you do!

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