A Past Prayer

>Nearly 8 years ago, I was sitting on the floor at the chapel altar, tears streaming down my face, heart wide open before God. I felt Him leading me out of myself and out of my comfort zone, asking me to risk it big for Him. I was saying yes . . .

on one condition.

Lord, I will go where you want me to go and do what you want me to do SO LONG AS you surround me with people who can do what I cannot do and fill in the gaps so that Your will will be accomplished.

You see, I’m not very talented. I can talk. I can accessorize. And I can spot a nice pair of shoes. That’s about it. Big endeavors call for numerous gifts, and I’m not bringing a lot to the table; therefore, I need others.

So, I believe, with every fiber of my being, that that yearning, that prayer, that condition, is one that God will fulfill. When I read God’s Word, it talks of the body, ie. the church, made up of many members each having different roles and specific purposes. And in order for the Kingdom of God to make a difference in the world, all the members have to work together according to His purpose(s).

If God has called me to do a certain work, and I believe He has, then He will place certain people in my life or across my path to help make that a reality.

I was reminded of that prayer from all those years ago, yesterday. I was reading a book and God was stirring my heart. He reminded me that I’m not alone–He has been answering that prayer and will continue to do so.

I want to risk it big for God! But I don’t want to do it alone; I can’t do it alone. I believe power increases when God’s people join forces and become intentional together. I believe that God answers prayer, but something spiritually magical happens when groups of people UNITE in prayer and pray together. I believe God honors giving, but when communities of people pool their resources together for the same cause then something substantial can take place that would’ve been impossible alone.

In my life, I’m waiting for people to come forward and tell me what they feel their part is in our joint calling (it’s not mine alone). Maybe, you’re one of those people. On the other hand, maybe there’s someone out there, just like me who’s prayed a similar prayer and is waiting on you to catch the vision and make yourself available.

We were never meant to fulfill God’s plans for the beautification of this world and the glorification of Him alone. We were meant to do it together. Won’t you ask God where He wants you to go, what He wants you to do, and who He wants you to do it with?

I’m going to begin making that past prayer a regular part of my prayer time and ask Him to alert me to those that are to risk big with me. Won’t you join me? I’m pretty excited!

Thank you Lord for reminding me of the prayers I pray!

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