A Sucker for Oscar


I love the Academy Awards. I really enjoy the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and even the Emmy’s. I watch the awards shows because I’m a sucker for beautiful dresses, the high-priced jewelry that adorns necks and earlobes, fingers and wrists. I enjoy the hair-dos and make up. Wardrobe changes, wristlets, stilettos, and fake eyelashes. The perfect 10’s and the train wrecks, alike; fashion-wise, I like it all.

I don’t so much care about the speeches or even so much about the actual winners and losers because for all the movies I am a fan, there are scores of others that aren’t worth the price of a movie ticket, a Red Box rental, or even a trifle moment of my time.

Like so very many others, my living room becomes a front row seat to a “red” carpet fashion extravaganza. I’m transported out of myself and my very regular life, and I imagine myself wearing particular dresses, picking my favorite of the night, as if it were on sale for me to buy and wear out on the town for a date with my honey.

It might be all vanity, might be, and certainly over-priced, but it’s all lovely (or interesting, depending on the actress) and I enjoy it completely!

So if you happen to be watching along, Cheers!

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