I’ll Take a 4th, Thank You

a fourth piece of cake, that is.

I loved it.
No, I only had two pieces, but the nice lady sitting next to me had four.  And very unapologetically, I might add.
So I had the honor and privilege of marrying a nice, cute couple this weekend.  And at the reception I had the enjoyment of sitting at a table of cake eaters.  I was so happy because I, too, am an enthusiastic cake eater.  But what made this event so blog worthy was that the woman of whom I bring to light here was not obese, thick in the head, or the super-skinny kind that can eat whatever they want and never gain a single ounce.  She was very normal of shape and size, well-educated, and didn’t give a rip that eating four pieces of decadent wedding cake might rouse suspicion and raise a few eyebrows.
She didn’t make one single comment about having to dance off the calories or paying for it later.  She didn’t apologize in the slightest with statements like: “Oh, I know I shouldn’t but . . .” or “An event like this happens so rarely that . . .” or “I’m going to eat like it’s all calorie-free.” or “Love covers a multitude of sins, right? Even wedding cake?”  Nothing.
Instead, she just kept grabbing another plate of cake whenever the servers happened by and smiled all the while.  She made no excuses or guilty remarks.  Rather, she fully relished every bite and enjoyed herself immensely.
How often have I done that–enjoy myself so fully without minimizing the experience?  Not as often as I’d like.
When I eat too much (and really what is too much cake) I feel the need to say something as though it will absolve my gluttony. Or in some weird way, if I acknowledge my cake eating indulgence then my “guilt” makes it more acceptable, or something?  Better me than someone else, right?
Or just the opposite.  I’m afraid if I eat too many mashed potatoes in one sitting someone might look upon me badly.  So, instead of eating a 3rd, 4th or even possibly a 5th serving of creamy spuds, I sit there pining after and drooling over the thought of starchy white clouds dancing on my tongue.  As if resisting an extra 2000 calories makes me feel so much more satisfied.  Yeah, right.
When I splurge on a beautiful item I “rationalize” the pure pleasure.  I justify the purchase in case someone might be wondering about my financial stewardship and spending practices.  If I save up to splurge or cut my budget in other places so as to afford other trinkets, to whom do I have to prove myself?  No one sees our bank statement and where our money goes.  I am free to fully enjoy, so why do I cut the experience short?
And the other wonderful thing about my lovely cake eating friend (like how I’ve made her mine and that she’s my friend even though I can’t remember her name?) is that her full enjoyment made it more acceptable for all the rest of us to eat a little more enthusiastically and with abandon.  Joy is contagious and can’t be contained, no matter what the impetus for it.

The wedding made our hearts full of love and the reception made us full of cake.  There was joy all around.  I love weddings (and cake and mashed potatoes, of course)!  So let’s raise a hearty toast to enjoying life, in all it’s forms, and spreading it around!


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  1. Judy says:

    I love it, no excuses… just enjoy!
    How peaceful! What a blessing she was to the table!

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