Valentine’s Day ~ Grade School-Style

> Last night, our little family assembled ourselves around the kitchen table, surrounded by every craft item that could be found. It was time to make the anticipated Valentines Box. Glitter. Check. Ribbons. Check. One shoebox. Check. Construction paper, glue, scissors, and tape. Check, check, check, and check. Feathers, markers, and streamers. Triple check. Ensuing […]

Sleep-Overs and Excellence

>Tonight is my daughter’s first sleep-over experience. She’s not the one actually sleeping-over, her little friend is coming here, but she’s been talking of nothing else since last week when we decided to make a date of it. The first sleep-over I remember was when I went to stay at my friend Melissa’s house out […]

Love, Betrayal and Heartache

>Sophia, you’ve settled your heart on a little boy for the first time. Embarrassment is normal; that’s okay. But don’t let the difficulties of “love” rob you from the joys of loving deeply and freely in the future. Your heartache will pass; you’ll grow stronger and wiser. Own your emotions and be proud of your […]

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Running with Kites

>Last week my daughter and son decided to make little kites from odds and ends from our family craft bag. They colored scraps of construction paper, added little pipe cleaner embellishments and as much glitter as humanly possible, then, at last, glued on lengths of ribbon as the tails. They were super cute, but totally […]

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