Thank You and No Fluff

>A couple weeks ago I was worrying just a bit about the quality of ministry at our church. I can’t lead worship, so I cut a few Cd’s with some worship songs that seemed to fit the people of the church. So, we 6 sing to the strains belted out of my little “ghetto blaster” […]

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In the Tension Between Church and God

>I’m living in the tension between the Church and God. I’m not angry with the Church. I’m not hurt. I don’t have any personal vendetta against the organized Church. I’m not jaded. I’m just kind of . . . done. But not really. It’s hard to explain. A couple weeks back I had a conversation […]


>ACMNP stands for A Christian Ministry in the National Parks. This non-profit organization is active in all the national parks throughout our beautiful country. It is their goal to coordinate worship services each week, through the hard work of volunteers, so that campers and visitors won’t have to miss fellowship with other believers and will […]

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A Question

>A question for all you Christ-followers out there: What would your current life of faith look like if the organized church ceased to exist?

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