A Gardener I Am Not

This summer I gave it a go on the gardening thing.  It was pitiful.  Utterly pitiful. I started seeds in the spring.  Half of them died. I bought a flat of 10 strawberry plants–thinking I could have fresh-out-of-garden strawberry shortcake–only one survived.  And what that means is, nine died before I could even put them in […]

Food, Inc.

>I recently watched Food, Inc. First of all, a huge thanks to the collaborators, researchers, producers and all who contributed to this movie. (I haven’t read the book so I can’t say thank you on that front, but I do realize the movie is the result of the book, so . . .) It was […]

Ninja Skills

>Amanda O’Tremba Oster tripped and fell but did an awesome somersault maneuver at the end–ninja warrior-like! This was my Facebook profile post a couple days ago. And as I was thinking about the comments and absurdity of the mental picture in my mind, I realized that this is what I want my entire life to […]

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