Breaking the Fast

>I just finished my last Medora breakfast with my friends Dini, Dwi, and Ricardo. As we sat at the bar with our eggs and hashbrowns at the end of the breakfast shift, I told myself keep it together, Amanda. My Muslim friends broke their fast in order to share a final meal with me before […]

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A Saintly Sisterhood

Yesterday I enjoyed my lunch among a sisterhood of friends. It was a small sisterhood, myself and two others, but it was sisterly nonetheless. After we had partaken of our admittedly most healthy meal of the week–fresh spinach and romaine salads with a generous variety of fresh vegetables, an orange, and water–we began to share […]

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A Community Surrounding Me

In past weeks I have been burdened. My spirit has been heavy and restless, and I have been pondering, meditating, and praying over numerous things that are seemingly unconnected but are really interrelated. I’ve been wrestling–the process of arriving at a decision–and I find myself rather drained. I usually find great joy and satisfying responsibility […]

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