What Might Heaven "Look" Like?

>Rivers and oceans, lakes and streams–all the earth’s water is clean. Every mouth has food to eat and clean water to drink. Every orphan has a loving home. Cancer, Malaria, AIDS, Tuberculosis, and any other disease would be history. Humanity is healthy and whole. People combat frustration with communication and understanding rather than blaming and […]

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Gogurt Tubes and Jesus’ Love

>My son loves to repurpose all kinds of “containers” (and I use that term loosely) into water bottles. He hardly enjoys drinking water out of glasses, but give him something like, oh . . . a pill bottle, and he’ll drink water out of it all day long, making about 50,000 trips to the sink […]

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The World As I (would like to) See It

>I usually blog about how I see the world. Instead, today, I share what I’d like to see. 1. The largest salaries should go to our civil servants and educators rather than sports players and entertainers. 2. Everyone’s freedom of speech would be protected, but it wouldn’t be abused. People would think before they speak […]

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Changes Ahead

>This weekend, in just two days, we are moving. Along with the change of location, I have begun to re-inventory my life and my trajectory. I am making some changes and sharpening my focus. This blog will be more focused as well. Some of you may love it. Some of you will not. But hopefully […]

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Valentine Upcycling

> Aren’t these recycled, homemade crayons super cute? You too can make these by following the directions from Kari at The Williams Family Blog. Maybe you can make some sweet kiddos happy–young or old, age is irrelevant–this Valentine’s Day with these green goodies! Have fun, and thanks, Kari, for sharing such a great idea with […]


Two loads of laundry, waiting to be folded, sitting on my couch. A stack of magazines sitting in the middle of the entrance-way to my kitchen. Two Home Depot sacks of house project items staring at me from the bench in my living room. Movie cases scattered on the floor. A sink of dirty dishes. […]

Present Focus

>I was talking to a friend of mine the other day that used the term “focus” instead of “resolution” in reference to new year, new goals. I like that; so I borrow the term from her. Over the past couple of months I have been trying to be more present in my own life. I […]

Two Things

>Two things I’ve seen in recent days have aroused some thoughts. Here they are. First, a couple days ago I was driving on the interstate and in the median I saw something flying and bouncing through the air. At first I thought someone was dirt-biking and flipping tricks, not the place to be doing dangerous […]

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>First of all, since my last post, I’ve received a lot of traffic here. I guess that’s what “Derek Jeter” will do for a blog, but I’m sorry to disappoint the droves of you who come here looking for a good story about the beloved NY Yankee only to find that I actually care more […]

Pixie Hollow

>Okay, I have something to come clean about. I just spent all morning (the wee hours) on a cute website playing games that are meant to be enjoyed by little girls. I’ve been creating fairies, collecting charms/ingredients, bouncing fish, and dispensing light to lightning bugs. On PixieHollow.com a girl can buy new fairy fashions, meet […]

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