Thick Skin, Political Correctness, and the 1st Amendment

For those of you who may need a refresher course in Government and US History, as US citizens our first amendment right is Freedom of Speech. Tonight I watched part of a documentary, of sorts, on HBO dedicated to our freedom(s) of speech, and it resonated loudly with stirrings in my own spirit. To some […]

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Some May Call Me Difficult

>I’ve been reading the Change and Cherish Historical Series by Jane Kirkpatrick these last few days. In many ways I relate to the main character Emma. Independent thinker. Not satisfied with status quo. Challenges convention. Desires to make her own way. For some, we are difficult women, Emma and I. For our husbands, we are […]

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Marriage Proposal: Gay and Otherwise

>Gay marriage, if you are unaware, has been gaining momentum and is becoming a mainstream issue in this country. I can only assume that it will become a common thing in a relatively short amount of time. Here’s what I think. I happen to whole-heartedly agree with Tony Campolo about the issue of marriage. Let […]

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Blisters and Weeds

>My dad and I have a rich tradition of delving into and debating theological ideas. We thoroughly enjoy dissecting pieces of Scripture–and the doctrines based on them–and, picking sides, therein follows discussion with numerous rabbit trails that keep us busy and the volume high. A couple days ago we decided to entertain the thought of […]

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