>First of all, since my last post, I’ve received a lot of traffic here. I guess that’s what “Derek Jeter” will do for a blog, but I’m sorry to disappoint the droves of you who come here looking for a good story about the beloved NY Yankee only to find that I actually care more […]

Restlessness and Restoration

>Restless. This is my present state of being. I don’t hate it; I don’t love it. I just am. Today I thought about going back to school to get my masters degree.I also thought about seeking parish ministry in rural North Dakota. Maybe even better, interim ministry because regular, frequent changes are part of the […]

Unscratchable Itch

Ever had an itch that, for whatever reason, you could not scratch? And the more you tried to ignore it, the worse it got? I have an itch I cannot scratch, and the discomfort becomes more painful everyday. I await the answer for my relief!

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