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So long as Amanda Oster can remember she felt called to formal ministry (except for a short time in childhood when she wanted to be a country singer like Dolly Parton).  While the details of what “ministry” might be weren’t always clear, she continued to pursue the path of ministry, graduating from Bible College with […]

Special Speaker

Amanda is a gifted preacher and teacher and would love the opportunity to talk with you about speaking at one of your events.  She is available to speak at one of your special events whether it is a ladies’ event or all church event.  She is also available to fill in for Pastors when they […]


After nearly 6 years of performing numerous weddings for various couples, Amanda, unfortunately, is no longer offering wedding and marriage services.  To all the couples she had the privilege of getting to know and being a part of such a special day in their lives, she wishes all the very best that love and marriage […]

What People Are Saying

We recently had Amanda Oster speak at our One-Day Women’s Retreat. Amanda immediately connected with the audience at an emotional and spiritual level. Regardless of where each of us was in our spiritual journey, Amanda was able to touch us with her message. Amanda is an inspiring and uplifting speaker. The attendees were very impressed with her and have asked if we could arrange to have her back at the next retreat. –Lu Toledo, Love the Unloved-Love the Unlovable

Amanda Oster is young, energetic and passionate about God.  She is a prayer warrior and teacher beyond her years.  She has wisdom, insight and creativity…all which make for a wonderful speaker.  Most importantly, she walks her talk. -Robin Watters, Extreme Nazarene, Peru

Amanda recently preached at Immanuel Baptist Church in Dickinson, ND.  This is what the pastor and some of the congregation had to say:

“Amanda was fantastic”
“She is a dynamic speaker.”
“Even a couple weeks later people were quoting things she had said.”
“The next time the pastor was going to be gone, the church board requested Amanda to be pulpit supply again.”

Amanda Oster has come out to Home on the Range several times and spoke to the girls that we have in placement here. She has maintained their attention for up to 3 hours, which can be hard to do! She presents the Word of God with accuracy in a way that they can understand. You can count on times of laughter, times of seriousness and times of learning when Amanda comes. She has been such a blessing to us. -Peggy Helvik, Youth Minister at Home on the Range, Beach, ND


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    Taking Church Out of the Equation To those of you whose life of faith is very much Church-oriented, I ask you to take Church out of the equation.  Now imagine your life without Sunday morning services.  Imagine your life without weekly or monthly communion or Thursday evening Bible Study.  Sunday School no longer happens prior […]

  • Devotionals

    The Power of Delight  Psalm 43 Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked men.  You are God my stronghold.  Why have you rejected me?  Why must I go about mourning, oppressed by the enemy?  Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide […]

  • Bible Studies

    The 8 Week Prayer Experiment An 8 week prayer experiment?  What is that?  And for eight weeks? Let me explain.  The 8 Week Prayer Experiment is about devoting one week to a particular practice of prayer for eight different weeks.  It is meant as an extended exercise to challenge, change-up, expand, reinvent, and renew your […]

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