A Simple Season

>Our church participates in a movement that is called ADVENT CONSPIRACY, and it is wonderful. ADVENT CONSPIRACY has a motto that we have, as a family, tried to incorporate into our lives, and that is this: Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. Love all. What a powerful reminder to us what Christmas really is all about–Simply, Jesus.

The arrival of Christ on this earth was never meant to become a reason to outspend our budgets, be driven by guilt to find the right gifts for people we don’t even know, and feel pressured to make the holiday “just right” with lights and decorations and parties and presents and wrapping paper and shopping deadlines and . . . whew!

For me and mine, we have decided that to best honor Christ we are going to take a page out of his simple arrival. Granted, the time into which Christ was born was a bit more simplistic than the time in which we live, but the ages were not without distractions, worries, and concerns simply because they didn’t have internet, cell phones, and credit cards. But I look at the tumultuous circumstances surrounding the situation of Christ, and know that as Mary gave birth in pain and anxiety and suffering–the same as I encountered with the birth of my own two children–the moments directly after were filled with relief and love and overwhelming wonder such as a mother and father feel at meeting their child for the first time. The essence of life is what I focus on when society’s messages contrive to make me believe this holiday is about something different or, in the least, it’s about something more. But, I know better, because as I focus on Life, my heart sighs, my spirit relaxes, and my soul once again turns heavenward. That’s the magic of Christmas.

So this year, we’ve been purposeful about keeping it simple, celebrating within our means, and making Christmas more about the every-day rather than the “one day of the year when ____(fill in the blank)____.” And as the question, “Are you ready for the holidays yet?” seems to keep coming up, I can say with absolute sincerity and truth that indeed we are. The process has been easy and relaxed and in the manner I like to approach life–a life of worship with spurts of worldliness rather than a life of worldliness with spurts of worship.

The key for us has been to focus on things that are life-giving, and anything that would zap us of the joy and excitement and peace of Christ’s arrival has been eliminated. There has been much relief and confidence in keeping this holiday season simple. May the simplicity and solitude, like the peaceful, blissful face of a sleeping child, be yours as well.

Simply Christmas!

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  1. Sherrisa says:

    I was thinking about this year, too; Mary’s preparation of Christmas was WAY different than our own. We get so busy shopping, baking, attending programs….I just sat back and tried to think what Christmas was like for her (even after the first one).

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