My Muslim Friends and the First Day of School

>For the past week and a half I’ve been working A LOT, and I’ve gotten to know my Muslim co-workers pretty well. Some of them I’ve known for a couple of years, but some are new friends to me. Most of them are observing Ramadan, a time of fasting and religious devotion “somewhat” similar to the Lenten season in Christianity. For them, they are unable to eat or drink anything from sun-up to sun-down, but may partake of food and drink during the “dark hours” to prepare their bodies for the next day’s fast. This will last one month.

Many of my friends work in food service so I know that this is difficult for them especially during the late afternoon, early evening hours. I admire their resolve and tenacity. I understand their desire to identify more deeply with those that are without–food, faith, God (Allah)–and to express their devotion to their deity. Though I might not agree with everything they believe, I am encouraged by their sacrifice and the strength they draw from each other to follow the tenets of their faith.

On a very different note: my little girl started her first day of school today. This is a pretty big deal because we didn’t send her to preschool so this is a new experience for her, to be sure. Because I am still in Medora, ND working until Labor Day weekend I am missing out on being part of the experience with her, but I know that she is in very good, capable, loving hands–Grandma Wanda is a blessing! I can’t wait to talk to her on the phone and to see the pictures when I get home.

I wonder how Isaiah is handling the time by himself without his big sister to run the show?

11 more days until I get to go home. 11 more days to spend with my seasonal friends here. Time will go by quickly!

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