Two Things

>Two things I’ve seen in recent days have aroused some thoughts. Here they are.

First, a couple days ago I was driving on the interstate and in the median I saw something flying and bouncing through the air. At first I thought someone was dirt-biking and flipping tricks, not the place to be doing dangerous stunts like that. I hoped someone was already dialing the highway patrol to report such idiocy.

But I soon realized it was a wheel–tire, rim, and all–that was bouncing it’s way down the ditch. And following not far behind was a one wheel-less Suburban making its way over to the shoulder. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this in real time and not on some special effects sequence of an action movie. As quickly as I had hoped someone was dialing the highway patrol I prayed that the tire would stay bouncing in the median and not travel into traffic and cause a major accident because with the velocity and speed that it was moving, it would surely do some serious damage.

Life is very short. We never know what might cause our lives to end–cancer, fire, murder, flying tires. I need to be more purpose-full, intentional, and thankful. If this were my last day on earth, what would it say about me?

Secondly, while walking not too long ago I happened to look down, and what I saw made me chuckle, just a bit, on the inside. It was a cigarette butt, something I see all the time, but this one had bright, Barbie pink lipstick on the end. Ironic, really.

Whoever smoked that cigarette cared enough about herself to apply some serious make-up and therefore feel better about herself because, for her, pink lipstick made her feel a bit more beautiful. But ironically, the nicotine she put to those pretty pink lips is destroying her body. Where’s the personal care in that?

I’m not that much different than the pink-lipped cigarette smoker. I take care to do a lot of things right on the outside, even for good reasons, but sometimes my motives or the hidden attitudes behind my right actions are seriously unhealthy. That doesn’t mean I should stop doing those good things, but I need to take more care to make sure my heart lines up with my actions and words.

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