>In church this morning, a prayer was posted on the big screen during a time of contemplation and reflection. As I read the words of thanksgiving, I waited for another portion of prayer to be displayed as a follow-up, of sorts.

I waited for that second half of the prayer (which never came, by the way) because the prayer before us was thanking God for answering prayer so quickly that it sometimes “makes my head spin.”


It’s been my experience that a lot of times, answered prayer is accompanied by periods of waiting. I was “waiting” for the big-screen prayer to answer that part of the prayer equation, but it didn’t. So instead of reflecting on God’s movement in my life and what-have-ya, like I assume many in the congregation were doing as we were directed, I lamented over the fact that the leadership chose a prayer of thanksgiving that doesn’t often relate to real life or can lead people to have false expectations about prayer.

But then God showed me something. This big-screen-prayer wasn’t a prayer of thanksgiving at all. It was a prayer of faith. It would behoove me more often to prayer with this kind of audacity more often; pray, in advance, with a thankfulness for what God will do.

I’m praying that God will answer my prayers so promptly that my head will spin! That’s a prayer of faith.

Perspective changes everything sometimes.

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