>The song of the little drummer boy, with all of its parumpumpumpumming, is, indeed, one of my favorite Christmas carols.

I’ve heard a great deal of jesting about this tune, and it isn’t the first song that comes to mind when I think of my favorite Christmas songs. In fact, earlier today, on our way home from the Christmas Eve service at church, we were talking about our favorite Christmas carols, and I mentioned Hark the Harold Angels Sing. I didn’t even think about the Little Drummer Boy (I don’t even know if that is the correct title, to be honest) but I heard it on a television special tonight, and tears ran down my cheeks. How could I forget such a wonderful song? Every time I hear it, it touches me deeply. Seriously.




The message, the meaning is something to which I fully relate. A little poor boy has no “gift” to bring the baby king. But he does have a drum, and he does know how to beat it. It’s all he’s got. So he pounds out a rhythm–not a melody, not a nifty harmony, no tonal progressions–just some simple beats from a heart that wants to give.

The little drummer boy has a lonely old drum to beat out the longings of his heart. So right there in that moment, in the vibrations, he creates a gift fit for a King. What he has, he gives.

What do I have? What can I bring?

Like the little drummer boy, I have a simple thing and a heart that longs to give. Therefore, I too, can beat my drum and create a hum for Him.

We all have our lonely drums to beat before the Lord. My hope is that we all discover and beat our drums with worship-full abandon, and that we experience the joy and freedom in so doing.

To Jesus be the glory; so let’s beat our drums!

Parumpumpumpum . . .

Merry Christmas.

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