>Tonight was the monthly Bunco night with the ladies from church. I don’t know why I like Bunco so much–it’s a mindless game of chance–but I do. Heaven knows, as do all my chicas, that I can’t carry on a conversation and keep score at the same time, nor can I talk and focus on my rolling. So, I listen for the bell to tell me when the rounds start and end hoping to get a 3-of-a-kind at some point. But more than anything and probably the reason I attend the monthly Bunco party (as regularly as possible) is because I dearly love the gals with whom I roll the dice; which just goes to show that almost any activity is enjoyable so long as you’re in the company of friends.

It’s not for the game, it’s for the gals! Bunco!!

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  1. Dustjacket Attic says:

    I have never heard of that game, sounds fun, especially with friends!

    Welcome to DJA 🙂

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