I think we’re moving.

To Medora.


I’ve blogged about Medora before. Medora is a little tourist-trap of a town at the entrance to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota. It’s where I fell in love with my husband and where both my children were . . . (I’ll stop right there; maybe I’ve already said too much). My husband and I move there to work every summer, but this time we’ve got a one way ticket.

I think.

My husband really dislikes his job–teaching doesn’t suit him–so this will be good. I can’t wait to have my honey home and happy every evening rather than in the doldrums like we’ve become accustomed.

Initially Medora wasn’t a serious choice–population: 150 people strong, once the tourist season dies, no grocery store, one erratic gas station, no late-night coffee shops, no tanning salon (not as if I even tan anymore, but I would like the option)–it’s just so small. But these past months I’ve been feeling something deep within my spirit that something was changing, and I think it’s happening. And Soon!

They would like Joe there by March. That’s do-able, kind of.

We own a home. Bought just before the crash. In a community that boomed when the economy boomed. It’s busted ever since the economy busted. No equity. . . ARGH! We just want to sell it!!!!

Anyone looking to buy?

We’re moving? I’ll keep you posted.

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