Present Focus

>I was talking to a friend of mine the other day that used the term “focus” instead of “resolution” in reference to new year, new goals. I like that; so I borrow the term from her.

Over the past couple of months I have been trying to be more present in my own life. I happen to be a dreamer and an idealist so sometimes living each day is only a systematic attempt of making my future brighter and more secure. As such, I’m more prone to live for tomorrow than live for today.

My life (my family, my friends, my spirit, my Lord) are calling for presence.

As I’ve prayed about this new focus, I’m finding God answering my questions for and seeking of help by slowly stripping away things that keep me from focusing too much on the future. Be sure, a lot of things still come down to my own choosing–laziness over productivity, watching TV instead of playing Memory with my children, mac and cheese rather than a healthy, well-prepared meal, or worrying about the “what-ifs” instead of meditating on the promises of God. These are just a few of the many things that can keep me, and many of us, from living fully in the present.

I want to be alive and feel alive everyday. I have to get back to me and my five senses–living in the simple joys of touch, taste, smell, see, and sound.

To fully experience the joy of washing my children’s hair and not care so much about all the water on the floor.

To feel the same rush as my young kids feel when they see the dusting of snow on the ground rather than focus on the cold.

To savor the smell of fresh laundry with gratitude that I didn’t have slave over it by hand in a dirty river like so many other women around this world.

To relish the joy of seeing a chaos of children’s craft items scattered everywhere and scraps of artwork hung all askew around the house, with 6 inch pieces of tape, knowing that my children are growing and learning and happy being satisfied that at least I have a home they can mess up.

To join my kids and husband as they squeal and scream and shriek when playing monsters rather than shushing them and controlling the noise-levels in the house. It’s perfectly okay for our house to be loud and rowdy from time to time. After all, it’s only noisy to those who aren’t part of the noise, right?

These are some tangible expressions of present focus.

I’ve had to grow into my role as a SAHM; my personal goals have been in deep conflict with personal dreams on many an occasion. But I’ve come to truly realize the blessing of being at home. I am given a great opportunity to really see myself everyday and therefore aggressively wrestle with the issues that often steal the best of me so that my best can be brought forward more often. Being at home provides the time I need to cooperate with the Big Guy Upstairs so that I can more fully enjoy my every day no matter what day it is.

So let me ask you, Are you present in your life?

And if so, what are some of the things you’ve learned or things you do in order to be/stay present focused? Please share.

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