Society’s Response to Infidelity

>I was watching TODAY this past week and had to shake my head.

In a segment called “The Other Side” Kathy Lee and Hoda were talking to Donny Deutsch about Tiger Woods, relationships, and marriage–the other side.

After watching the entire segment, this is the message I heard: If you want to keep your man happy, don’t let him get bored. And if you don’t want your man to get bored, keep him guessing in the bedroom. SEX is the foundation of a satisfying relationship.

Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

First of all, for far too long, we’ve allowed that message–sex being the foundation of a satisfying relationship–to be the basis in establishing relationships. And then, when those relationships are disintegrating and unraveling at every seam, the message we hear is to ramp up the bedroom activities and the attitudes surrounding the sex-life.


Dare I repeat?!

As a married woman, I understand the importance and satisfaction of a healthy sex-life with my husband, but when things are out of whack, the answer is not in the bedroom. The answer is found in the heart.

When a spouse is bored or anxious or angry or frustrated, sex is not the cure. The antidote is love, understanding, getting to the heart of the issue. Infidelity is an outlet of an unsatisfied soul.

Society’s response to infidelity is void of true substance and meaningful direction. Sex has a place in marriage, for sure, but it is not the biggest part. And if you happen to be of the mind that it is the most important thing, then I beseech you to take yourself to Jesus and listen to what He has to say on the issue.

I daresay it again: SEX IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!

BTW, you can view the segment yourself by clicking on the TODAY link above. Let me know what you think.

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One Response to “Society’s Response to Infidelity”
  1. Judy says:

    Ok, I totally agree! A lot of times affairs happen and not because of the need for sex. That is an excuse… Prostitutes have sex all the time, they do not have a meaningful relationship with every one they are with. Relationships take trust, love and God! Sex is a bonus of marriage not a reason to stay together or not.

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