The World As I (would like to) See It

>I usually blog about how I see the world. Instead, today, I share what I’d like to see.

1. The largest salaries should go to our civil servants and educators rather than sports players and entertainers.

2. Everyone’s freedom of speech would be protected, but it wouldn’t be abused. People would think before they speak and would give as much regard to others as they think others should give them.

3. We all would consume less and recycle more.

4. Community gardens in every community.

5. I’d like to see less daycares and more stay-at-home moms.

6. It would cost less to eat better (more healthy) and would break the bank to eat from a drive-up window.

7. It would be a good thing if arranged marriages were more en vogue and widely accepted (look at the statistics).

8. It wouldn’t cost so much and be so difficult to adopt a child who needs a family, a home.

9. Cell phones would come with laws of etiquette. Violators would be policed and punished. Repeat offenders would be put on probation and their phones be taken away.

10. The world would be more vibrant if her inhabitants cared more about the size of their hearts than their houses.

What are some things you’d like to see?

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