Leaving Today and Another BonBon Rose Girls Giveaway

>In a couple hours I’m leaving for a couple days of silence and solitude with my friend Megan. We’ve rented a deluxe room and a nearby B&B and plan to turn off all technology, resist the urge for external input, and allow our souls and spirits to become attuned with the deeper currents of life. We’re going to let simplicity and silence rule. And hopefully, after our time away, we will be re energized to be better mothers, better friends, better daughters, and better lovers. We also pray that our time away will lead us closer to God–our greatest desire of all.

But before I get ready to head out, I thought I’d check my e-mail, FB, and blogs I follow (all the stuff I’m swearing off for the next couple of days), and I came across the BBRG’s latest giveaway. If you’ve followed me here in the past, you will know that I like these ladies and their fantastic giveaways. This time, they have partnered with the Cherry Blossom Sisters to give away a custom French Memory Board. Go to the BBRG‘s site for giveaway details and a chance to win. Your chance to enter the giveaway ends Tuesday, October 26 at midnight EST so don’t wait too long.


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  1. joyq says:

    just read the quote at the bottom of the page: start small…remain faithful. I will be chanting that this week, this year, this season… Thanks Jame. I needed that:)

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