Love, Betrayal and Heartache

>Sophia, you’ve settled your heart on a little boy for the first time. Embarrassment is normal; that’s okay. But don’t let the difficulties of “love” rob you from the joys of loving deeply and freely in the future. Your heartache will pass; you’ll grow stronger and wiser. Own your emotions and be proud of your affection. Let not the words of others tarnish your confidence or ruin your delight.

As for your friends who let the cat out of the bag, I’m sorry for your pain. I’m glad you recognize that they let you down, but I’m glad, in a way, that they did. Now you know what it feels like to be betrayed and hopefully you’ll be a keeper of your word for others. I pray you will still trust and share your heart even though all are flawed. Having friends and being a friend always comes with some sort of risk–it means that at some point you’ll be vulnerable. Vulnerability and openness allows your spirit to soar. Even though some will let you down, be vulnerable and open anyway. Take to the skies, my dear, beautiful girl.

Hold your head up high, sweet daughter of mine. Walk proud. Own your heart. Take courage, be brave. Love. Laugh. Live.

I love you.

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