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For nearly the past two years, I’ve grown more and more interested in the food industry, nutritional health, and food production in America and around the world. I am in no way close to being as healthy as I want to be and still really like Rice-a-Roni, Lays potato chips, and Oreo cookies; however, my consumption of these foods and others like them have decreased and I don’t purchase them at the rate I used to. Furthermore, when I do purchase processed foods, I find myself feeling guiltier and guiltier all the time. I foresee a day in the future when my food basket is overflowing with leafy greens, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows that are wholesome, natural, and untainted.


Did you know that Monsanto, originally a chemical company, and now a major biotechnology giant, wants to control and patent nearly all the seeds in the world? Why, because they want to own all the rights to every living thing so that it is compatible with its chemicals that destroy other living organisms, water sources and the inherent beauty of the life-giving elements found in the soil. Round-Up kills! Don’t think for one moment that, in some way, Round-Up isn’t also affecting us. If you wouldn’t let your child drink even a sip of this chemical agent straight from the bottle, then why do we allow our children to eat food that has been saturated by this chemical and others like it?

I’m angry that a large corporation is playing God and trying to control the process of nature by shutting down the farmers that are trying to maintain the integrity of food and food diversity. So now, if a farmer of the soybean, who has been saving seeds over the course of years and replanting successfully, is found to have Monsanto soybeans in their fields–due to cross pollination, wind, animal transplantation, etc.–the farmer is fined and sometimes even put out altogether. Monsanto is bullying the family farmers into giving in and giving up. After all, the family farmer doesn’t have years and thousands upon thousands of dollars to fight the giants, so it’s often easier and financially necessary to let Monsanto have its way.

Monsanto, this corporate bully, is trying to patent LIFE! Not just seeds and chemicals, but how those seeds came to be in someone else’s field, via nature itself. RIDICULOUS! And it’s working.

It makes me mad! Will there be no untainted, un-genetically modified food in the future? Where is the hope?!?! Add to that, if this giant has its way, all the new seeds will become sterile after one growing season thus eradicating any farmer or grower from saving seeds altogether. It will be an outright monopoly that no one will be able to stop. Monsanto will own it all; and that’s their aim.

AND, did you know that the way they’ve been able to genetically modify this food to withstand chemical death is by implanting particular genes into the cells of the seeds using BACTERIAL coding, something or other? That’s right. Bacteria invades otherwise healthy cells and takes over and wreaks havoc. And they’ve made that the hallmark of their formula–it won’t stop.


I say, MonsantNO! Let’s fight for food labeling so that we know what kinds of ingredients are in our foods and where they come from. Let’s become more aware of what this kind of technology is doing and what’s at the heart of these big corporations. GREED does kill, and if it hasn’t already, I’m convinced it will.

Below, you’ll find more information on food sources, seed saving, biotechnology, and health attributed to food. It’s just a start. I hope you’ll start asking questions and digging for answers yourself. If you find some good stuff, please, do share. Thanks!

For more info:
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