Megachurch Minister Reveals His Homosexual Orientation


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This video is a little long, but please take it all in. And then let us all know what you think. This is a major issue in the church today and one not to be ignored or dismissed. It’s important that we look at homosexuality within the church structure from all angles before making a hasty decision. Let’s talk about it together.

I have to be honest, I’m still processing this issue, at large. While I wrestle with what it means to be holy in an unholy world, and godly in an ungodly culture–one that is preoccupied with sex at all turns–I also don’t want to be judgemental, Pharisaical, and “religious”. I wrestle with what it means to sacrifice it all for God, and yet I know that it’s not mine to determine the worth or validity of another’s sacrifice/obedience.

What are your thoughts? Where are you on this issue and why? How does this make you feel? I want to know because I’m still not sure myself. Your feedback is valuable to me.

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