Lest We Forget

>I should be blogging about Christmas/Holiday stuff tonight. After all, Christmas is less than a week away. But no.

Instead, as the Christmas celebrations commence and another year dawns on the near horizon may we not forget to tell the stories of atrocities that have occurred in the past–Darfur, Chernobyl, Hitler, The Civil War, Rwanda, Tienanmen Square, oil spills, hurricanes, tsunami victims, etc.–so that we will learn from our mistakes and do what we can never to repeat them.

May we truly stand up for injustice and let the Light shine in the darkest places.

May we show our children the documentaries, the pictures, the aftermath so that these parts of history will not be forgotten and that our children can help forge a better future.

May we live in awareness and not allow ourselves to deny the ugly truth no matter how difficult it may be to swallow. Awareness is the beginning of change, and changing the ugliness into sustainable goodness is great.

Let’s be great. Lives depend on it!

Maybe this is a Christmas message after all; because redeeming us from our utter failures is what Christ came to accomplish. The message Jesus came to bring us and model before us is one of hope to the hopeless, provision for the needy, freedom to the enslaved, and salvation for the lost. May we never forget!

Let us remember the Message of Christmas and bring it forth into the future.

Blessed Christmas to all!

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