Sunday Morning Stretching


Man doing yoga position at poolside

Last Sunday morning, during our Advent portion of the worship service, I had everyone begin by standing and spreading out. Then, with closed eyes, I directed us all to take 5 deep breaths.

Inhale . . .

Exhale . . .

Again . . .

Next, stretching exercises. One hand over our heads, bending to the side. The other side.

Reaching up to the sky, we looked up toward heaven and waved our hands to God above.

Several people holding their hands in the air

Hands in front, bending. Hands behind . . . You get the picture.

It was so fun! And for some, it was funny; I could see that they were doing everything they could to keep from laughing. I mean, sure, I’d never begun a worship service with stretching exercises and I was leading. I don’t think anyone else had approached Church in quite this way either.

Here’s the thing. Advent is a time to breathe deep, stretch, relax, feel the Life of Christ surge through our bodies. If we aren’t truly practicing the foundations of our faith, physically as well as spiritually, then it makes it that much harder to do it at home sometimes. I wanted to put feet to the message and do it together in my community. It was so much fun! (Did I mention that already?) I’m glad they all participated.

I bet they’re wondering what kind of shenanigans I’m going to lead them into this Sunday morn . . . a Jericho march perhaps? Nah, just a simple prayer, nothing out of the ordinary. (That might be funny though! Yeah, I can’t see that one going over too well! I’m laughing at the mere thought!)

Mature businessman marching along street

As this is our last Sunday of Advent, I encourage you to take time to stretch, breathe deeply, slow down, and allow Christ’s Spirit saturate your body and soul, melting away all the stress, confusion, bitterness, resentment, anxiety and whatever else threatens to tie you into knots. Stretch your hands out to embrace the Savior and savor every moment.

Exhale . . . ahhh . . .

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