Charity and Charitable Organizations

>While I don’t suggest people give in order to receive a tax deduction, if you are going to give, now is the time to do so, before the year rolls over into a new one.

There are a lot of charitable organizations out there, as there are many needs that can be found in your own local neighborhoods. I mean, who couldn’t use $50.00 to buy a tank of gas or two for their vehicle. You don’t have to look far to help someone out, but if you’d rather give to a “bigger” cause, there are some places you can start.

Charity Navigator, Charity at Love to Know dot com, the Better Business Bureau, and Just Give dot org are good places to start if you’re unsure as to what kind of charity you might want to support. Furthermore, these sites can help you determine if the organization(s) of your choice are responsible with the money you donate or if your generosity might be better spent elsewhere.

For example, my kids and I bought some animals through Heifer International. I went to Charity Navigator where I then learned that in comparison to other similar charities its overhead costs are higher; thus, less money (charity) actually makes it to the recipient. But one of the reasons their overhead is higher has to do with the actual training and education the recipients receive along with their animal(s). That training isn’t totally free. Furthermore, I was able to peruse some of the comments that people had written about their experiences with this particular organization.

I wish I would’ve done my research prior to donating–though I don’t know if I would’ve donated elsewhere as a result–but at least I would’ve made a more informed decision at the time.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to give today. Whether you do it for the tax deduction or not is not for anyone to judge. What I do know, however, is that giving to others is right and good no matter what. Let’s create a more generous, hope-filled world. Won’t you pick up the baton and pass it on?

Happy giving!

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