Love and Justice–A Noble War

>Justice is a two-sided weapon of love. One side is a pillow, the other is a jack hammer. It depends on what side you happen to be standing that determines the kind of emotion it will evoke. The one weilding the weapon should always come from a position of love, but not everyone will feel loved when the battle for justice is waged and the weapon is weilded.

If you happen to be on the side of creating or perpetuating injustice, the love expressed will make contact like a jack hammer and is not likely to incite a feeling of warmth and goodwill usually associated with love. In fact, justice to the unjust is a weapon of war and likely to create hostility and resentment–animosity, anger, temper tantrums, raised voices, threats, and even lawsuits ensue.

However, if you happen to need justice from oppression or discrimination or unethical practices, justice will comfort you like a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day. Justice providers will be agents of love and support, stirring up feelings of gratitude, acceptance, and peace even though war might be an imminent threat to those in captivity’s grip. For these individuals, they feel the love.

As justice providers to a world in need, God’s people should not back down from a fight simply because confrontations turn ugly and some may call the unrest “unchristian.” Unchristian would mean ignoring the plights of those in need, failing to make right the wrongs perpetrated by the ungodly, or keeping the peace at all costs.

Some may say, “Well, is that really your fight?” or “Don’t start what you can’t finish . . .” but the way I see it, Jesus calls us to stand up for Truth and Justice no matter what may come or even if we are unable to see it through ’til the end. It’s time for the body of Christ to do the right things simply because they’re the right things rather than only doing what’s right dependent on whether or not we have something to gain in the venture.

“Fighting the good fight of faith” takes many forms, but it is not, at all, boring or uneventful. It doesn’t have to turn violent, but it must turn heads for injustice is all around. How are you fighting it? What are you doing to stand up against unethical, immoral, unjust practices in order to create the kind of world order Jesus came to reestablish?

Sometimes harsh words will be exchanged. Many times tempers will flare. Some will turn passive-agressive. Toes will be stepped on, and more than a small handful will choose to be offended. But we should not be thwarted in our attempts to do right. Justice and truth must, and will, prevail. The only way it will not is if justice-bearers remain silent, turning deaf and blind to those in need.

What is winning out in your neck of the woods? What is your part in it?

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