The Holy Spirit — A Merry Maid

> Merry Maids promise to come to your house and spiffy it up for you, maintaining a smile and a cheery disposition. Not unlike the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday I imagined God as carrying a broom, a dustpan, and a cleaning caddy complete with a feather duster, rags, and an assortment of sprays and various other tools. I felt my heart needed some deep cleaning that only He could get at, all with a smile and a cheery disposition.

I’ve been keeping a relatively clean spirit, but I could feel some things building up, seeing the dinge creeping in, and knowing that if I didn’t get Him in here soon, then it would be an out of control, ugly mess I would find myself living in. I know He came in to do some deep work, just as I asked, but He’s not done yet. I know He’s still hard at work, whistling all the while, and when He’s done I expect to have more clarity, compassion, and peace. He promises it.

I also expect, however, that I’ll need to schedule another session with my heavenly Merry Maid, because a freshly clean spirit doesn’t last just as a perfectly clean home doesn’t last. Housekeeping is a regular activity if the occupant desires order, efficiency, and comfort in his or her home. The oven may not need to be cleaned or the file cabinet purged weekly, but the floor does need sweeping and the shelves need dusting. Those things I can manage daily, but it’s the other stuff that I need help with. It the major repairs that I cannot do at all. That’s where He comes in to help.

I’m so glad that I have a direct line to my holy, heavenly Helper. When’s the last time you made the call? If it’s been a while, make the call today. BTW–excellent service at excellent rates!

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