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I’m a big fan of documentaries, if you didn’t already know. Here are some I’ve watched recently and recommend. Hopefully there’s something in this short list that will appeal to you.
The Business of Being Born

I don’t know why, but when I saw that this was by Ricki Lake I was a little skeptical. However, I really enjoyed it. Women have been delivering babies for eons without medical interventions and with the aid of midwives. This takes a look at some medical practices throughout the more recent “ages” and the appeal of midwifery, natural childbirth, and at-home labors.

Dear Zachary

Love. Friendship. Family. Broken relationships. Broken lives. This is one documentarian’s journey of trying to make sense of a tragedy by telling the story. It’s horrible. It’s painful. It’s beautiful. It’s worth watching.
Ballet is and always has been fascinating to me. The art of precision and such a slight body in motion is powerful. While the stage captures effortless grace, behind the scenes it’s all effort, critique, and struggle. What does it take to make prima? Who are the women under the tutus?

My Country, My Country

This doc takes a look at the war in Iraq by following one doc and his family as he enters the first democratic election as a candidate. It’s an insider’s view, a different perspective than we normally get, about what’s going on in the country and how some feel about what we’re doing there. Everyone wants freedom, but that doesn’t necessarily mean democracy.

The Garden

Community gardens are a growing trend in our country today. But what happens when greed and political interests get involved? Some would rather have complete barrenness and desolation over a corner of earth than generosity and prosperity. It’s interesting to see what some are willing to sacrifice for “prosperity.”

Deliver Us From Evil

It’s no secret that child abuse and sex scandals have rocked the Catholic Church in recent decades. This documentary is an attempt at figuring out how such wide-spread evil can happen in an organization that represents the highest Good. The last end of the story is the most revealing; it’s no wonder.
Frontline: The Warning

Because this is a PBS production you can watch this entire video in under an hour. And because it’s a Frontline production, it doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s a look at one woman’s warning to our nation’s leaders that if they didn’t turn things around, we would have an economic crisis on our hands. They failed to heed her warning and we had/have the economic crisis on our hands that she had anticipated years ago. Watch how it happened and what she predicts will happen in the future. If she’s as right as she was before . . .

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