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Recently my current issue of USA PHILATELIC arrived in the mail and I literally spent about 45 minutes looking through it. USA PHILATELIC considers itself to be “The Official Source for Stamp Enthusiasts” and I guess they’re probably right; after all, it is sponsored by the USPS (the US Postal Service). And where do most people get their stamps?

Okay, so I spent about 45 minutes looking at the current stamp magazine?I admit I’m a nerd, but I like to pretend I’m not. I just have a thing for stamps, stationery, pens that write good–every time you use them–envelope seals, return address labels, and all things similarly related. Maybe I should open a Papyrus, and go to work in heaven everyday.

I’m somewhat of a relic in that I like to write letters, even though I’ve been somewhat remiss as of late, and have an physical address book that looks like a 2 year old’s sketch pad with all the crossed out addresses, changed last names, dates of returned mail, and other such “nonsense”. To the outsider, my address book probably doesn’t make much sense, but I have a method I’ve honed over the years and it works for me. Besides, the book is mine, it need not make sense to anyone else.

I’m not a stamp collector in even the most broad sense, but I love how they can dress up an envelope. As I see it, if I have to buy stamps, I might as well buy ones that have a meaning behind them or are more visually appealing than the standard 44 cent standard issue model.

Currently, the USPS has a go green campaign going on in stamp world. I’ve already nabbed myself a Go Green pane of stamps and can’t wait to buy the Go Green seeded postcards (you actually bury the postcard in the ground and in no time you’ve got flowers–how cool is that?). You can check these things out, including other products and family activities, for yourself by clicking —-> HERE <—- or you can go to the USA PHILATELIC website —-> HERE <—- and pick out some other designs for yourself to make your envelopes happy.

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Judy says:

    I love you nerd! You are true to yourself (the yourself God made you). I have to relearn how to be that person… miss you!

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