Moral Responsibility

This Penn State/Joe Paterno thing is a kinda big deal in our house. Not because we knew the guy or even went to Penn State, though I do have a friend who graduated from there as did her other family members, but whatever, that’s beside the point. It’s a big deal because my husband is a sports fan.

I care about the moral responsibility issue this situation represents and he cares about the sports legacy this interrupts.

This whole thing being about Joe Paterno? Get real people!!!!

All of this hype over a beloved college football coach just goes to show how little we’ve grown as humans when sports opinions get more airtime than the actual abuse and perversion that precious little souls suffered at the hands of a sick individual or, as yet to be determined, multiple individuals.

But because this is now¬†about Coach Paterno, let’s talk about him for a minute.

Whenever anyone fails to act out of moral obligation, passing the buck instead of doing the right thing right away, they WILL suffer the consequences. Mr. Paterno is proof of this. He gave the memo to his athletic director and washed his hands of the whole affair–It’s over; let’s get back to football. He’s no different than a lot of people today in that they might not like what they’re seeing, but they don’t want to get involved so they tell someone else and expect them to do something about it. Typical.

And now people are upset because they see the actions taken “against” him as being unfair? NO! The actions, in fact, in my opinion (and I won’t pretend it’s humble, because I’m very much not humble in this case) are quite lenient at this point. Mr. Paterno deserves to be dismissed because when a person fails to act responsibly on behalf of others, whatever the issue is, they deserve the consequences of their inaction whenever and wherever they might be when it catches up with them.

Are they mad because Paterno’s actions typify so many of us? And, if this could be his end, what could come of us? Is the truth of outcome disturbing? It should be!

Had he acted with integrity swiftly and surely in the very beginning, I doubt he would be in this situation today. He traded his respectable football career for not wanting to suffer an inconvenient headache.
May this be a lesson to all of us what failing to take the moral high-road and living without compassionate responsibility can end up looking like. May we pursue moral responsibility and right actions in all we do, going the extra mile to live with integrity and ensure that those around us live lives of integrity as well.

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