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A couple days ago I came across some footage of No Pants Subway days — a yearly event, I learned, where thousands of people meet and pledge to not wear pants as they ride the subway to work, school, the museum, whatever.  It’s gained traction over the years and has grown to include numerous cities across the country and across the globe.
Anyway, I posted two of those YouTube videos here, that day, and I’ve been thinking of them since.  Not obsessively, mind you, just here and there.  Without watching them, one might think they are sexual in nature, but I’m not convinced; of course, I’ve watched them.  Instead, people from every walk of life participate in this event–old, young, shapely, extra shapely, hairy, pasty, lanky, limbless–and none that I could tell, at least in the footage is obscene.  Instead, it’s more lighthearded, comical, and eyebrow raising.

It takes a sort of confidence, freedom, charisma, and swagger to go pantsless in public, not that unlike wearing swimwear on the beach.  However, skivvies seem more personal than beach attire for some reason, and I’m at a loss to know why.  Maybe it’s the unexpected.  We expect to see scantily clad people pool-side and beach-side, but taking a subway ride in the middle of winter?

What keeps coming back to me is that in the 2011 clip, a dark skinned, curvaceous woman stands near a fair, thin and trimmed woman and neither woman is talking or even looking at the other.  This is probably very normal, the lack of interaction.  But what I imagine, putting myself in the place of the former, is the internal dialogue.  “You’re confident.  You’re beautiful.  Beauty comes in all kinds of packages.  You don’t have to be skinny to be attractive.  Be strong, sister.  Don’t put your pants back on!  Stay the Course!!”

We can leave the house in the morning feeling good about ourselves and what’s ahead; it’s pretty easy.  But then, we meet someone who fits the cultural ideology of “successful” better than we and our head hangs just a bit.  We have lunch with someone who meets religion’s standards of holiness more squarely and we feel out of place.  We maybe even have to share a subway lay-over with someone who society is likely to praise for their attributes of beauty and poise and sex appeal, while we miss the profile of societal preferences in every way, and we feel less than the wonderful that we are.

Comparisons can be hard.  They can knock the wind out of our sails.  They can entice us to stay inside when we’d rather go out.  They can turn an otherwise lovely day into a day of misery and rainclouds.  They can hunch our shoulders, turn our stomachs, and even give us the runs.


We have to build ourselves up.  We have to keep our internal dialogue strong and our self-confessions cheery and true.  True — not according to the world’s ideas, but according to God.  No one else is going to build us up.  We are responsible for building ourselves us.  How?  Become our own best cheerleaders.

I AM fearfully and wonderfully created!  I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!  He has created me to do wonderful things and He WILL bring those things to completion in me!  I am a daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD!  NO weapon formed against me shall prosper!  I may not be perfect, but I AM redeemed; He is doing good things in me!  I am getting better and better every day!  Beauty is in diversity; if it weren’t so, He would’ve made us all the same!  I am different; different is good!  Amen!  Hallelujah!  RAH, RAH, RAH!!!!

May we all have the confidence, strength, and determination to move forward and push past the comparisons, not letting them deflate us and rob us of our joy and freedom!  May we cheer ourselves on toward victory.  Praise the Lord for his Truth that makes it possible.

BTW–I happen to like pants.  Yay for pants!  And yay for those who are able to let go of them for a day!

Have a great weekend.


2 Responses to “About No Pants”
  1. jamie says:

    I like this one. If only every female out there would read it and memorize it! Like the no pants subway one too. Cute!

  2. Judy says:

    I find it interesting that out of the 2 videos, the image of the 2 girls is what grabbed me. I thought in quick passing, wow, yay for her, she is beautiful, and yes I was talking to the dark girl. I found my self wanting to be that confident! I copied and printed your cheer! I am keeping it on my desk. I have been comparing myself and feeling defeated. Yay for pants and the confidence to have fun and not wear pants! I love improv… it is so freeing! I admire improv …

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