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For those of you who follow me, you know by now that I love documentaries.  Well, it’s time to once again share some good ones that I’ve watched recently.  I hope you’ll at least try one out for yourself and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.
The more time a person spends in creation, the more a person cares about creation.  Some people work so that they might be able to drive nicer cars, build bigger houses, erect taller fences around greener grasses.  Others work only to support their habits of surfing, climbing, traveling; if they didn’t work they’d starve.  This documentary is one man’s journey into the beauty of Peru to climb mountains and meet the “explorers” who inspired this journey–these explorers are none other than the founders of two famous brands, Patagonia and North Face.  You’ll hopefully be inspired toward greater creation care as the story unfolds 180 *degrees* south.
This is another holocaust film, but unlike any other I’ve seen.  It’s actually an unfinished Nazi propaganda film (hence the title) meant to turn the Germans even more fully against the Jewish people.  The original film is silent, but edited together with surviving victims’ testimonies, the accounts by the actual videographer, and written documentation of Jewish ghetto leaders, it is a moving depiction of Jewish life before the concentration camps and the depravity of mankind lost to corruption.
July 24, 2010.  Fascinating.  This is a look into the lives of people all around the world who decided to film their lives on this day and this day only, and leave the final, condensed version in the hands of strangers.  Over 4,500 hours were recorded and edited to produce this barely-over 90 min. of life in a day.  It’s beautiful, moving, funny, human, you name it.  There is no plot, no script, nothing to resolve, but it’s wonderful.  It’s a true look at life.
Do you know where your bottled water comes from?  Do you know what happens to all those plastic bottles to hold all that water?  What are the regulations (safety, purity, financial, etc.) on that bottled water you drink and how does it compare to that which comes from your tap?  Tapped gives us a look into the world behind the bottled water industry and what some people are doing to inform others of this commercial rip-off.  After watching this, you’ll never look at bottled water the same.
It’s amazing what people will endure to escape hardship in the hopes of a greener pasture.
Which Way Home is a look into the struggles and risks of immigrating from Central America to the USofA and of the casualties along the way.  It is a documentary of subtitles for those of us who don’t know Spanish, but the heartbreak, loneliness, and desperation reach beyond language and speak directly and clearly to the heart.

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