In the Presence of a Prophet


I’ve had “prophetic” words spoken over/into my life–words of knowledge, Holy Spirit-directed, human-uttered, divine words of revelation–that were absolutely real and totally true.  I still remember the flood of emotions that swept over my spirit during those precious encounters.  And while I can pretty much count them on one hand for they have been few, they were real nonetheless and came when I needed them most.

I often long for prophetic words to tell me where and how I should go.  They break into my waiting like rays of warm golden sun after a week of overcast gloom.  They make taking the next step forward a bit easier and even exciting rather than filled with trepidation.  I’m open to and welcoming of the role and gifts of the prophet today, but there comes a time . . .

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma attending a Bible School there when, in one of our classes, we had a guest lecturer known for operating in the “prophetic gifts”.  It was an enlightening lecture, I’m sure, for I can remember nothing about the actual lecture, but I remember the day well.  At the end of the session, he opened up the altar area (we met in an auditorium like that in a church) and invited anyone forward that wanted to recieve a WORD from God.  He didn’t promise that God would speak through him for each of us there and even suggested that we seek confirmation through Scripture and such should he have a message for us.  After all, he too is human and prone to error.  So, as people are going forward in faith and earnest yearning, I too decided to step up to the altar in the hopes that I might hear God through the voice of this prophet.  I stood there for only moments with my arms outstretched and my heart lifted upward when the gracious Holy Spirit of God got my attention: Why do you need a Word through him when you already know My voice?

I quietly turned around and went back to my seat.  I watched as God did touch others that day through the obedient boldness and yieldedness of that man.  I saw weeping, rejoicing, repentance and restoration take place in the lives of some there that day while others stood silently waiting for a spoken Word that never came, at least not through this guest lecturer.  Maybe they, like me, got their answer independently.  Maybe they left that building that day feeling a bit bereft and disappointed.  I really don’t know, but I learned an important lesson that day.

There are times in our lives when we need others to help us hear the voice of God–a prophet, a preacher, a friend, a counselor, a parent, a televangelist, an author, whomever.  God knows where we’re at and what we need.  But there are other times where He makes us wait it out alone, just us and Him.  However God chooses to capture our attentions and speak into our lives invites opportunity and transformation, but we never need wait for a spokesperson in order to hear from the Almighty.  He is more than able to impart himself into our lives so long as we are receptive to his Voice.

Are you open to all the possibilities of how God might choose to speak to you?

Are you waiting for a prophet when you could be availing yourself to the God of the prophet today?

Do you know the voice of God?

What do you do or could you do to cultivate a listening heart?

My prayer is that you receive from God the words you long to hear, that God will wrestle the wanting in your soul and settle the matter for which you reach out.  Listen for He is speaking.

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