Naughty UnNapping Horse

Last week, on my way home from Montana, I drove past an expansive area of pasture land which was home to hundreds of horses, truly.  And being that the road was absolutely straight, I was afforded the privilege of watching these beautiful four-legged creatures while I tooled along.

Being a rather warm, calm day, many of the horses were slowly nibbling their way across the gently rolling hills so my attention was arrested when I saw two horses running, a large horse being chased by a much smaller specimen.  And while they ran, the mare (I assume it to be so) kept shaking her head.  I was riveted, but soon had to redirect my gaze or I’d be driving while looking behind–not a good idea.

That’s when I noticed, upon further inspection, that nearly every other little horsey was lying down with their mothers standing beside them.  In fact, as I kept watching the herd, I couldn’t see another young’n walking about or even standing, and there were many of them (did I mention that there were HuNdReDs of horses roaming this stretch of land?).  The only little filly that was still up and about during naptime was the one who was chasing her frustrated mother around.

I couldn’t help but be completely amused.  Even in the animal kingdom, there are renegade youngsters who do not obey the laws of nature and the biddings of their mothers, driving them to complete exasperation!  I bet that momma horse was just wishing her little Jack or Jill would lie down like all the other little good horseys, but her darling would have none of it.  Then a tiff ensued leaving the mother with no choice but to walk away, shaking her head, offering up an ultimatum.  A tantrum follows, and big momma is having none of it; she storms off in a huff.  Her little one runs after her.  That’s where I happen to drive by and I don’t get to witness how it all ends.

Now I could have this all wrong, of course, but given that EVERY other little colt or filly in the field is lying down save this one . . .

In my mind, I can still see them running across that field during naptime.

That was probably one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had driving home from Montana.


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