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It’s documentary time again.  As you might well know, from time to time I like to give credit to documentaries that I find particularly moving, thought-provoking, challenging, and even controversial.  Here are some recent note-worthies.

Mugabe and the White African

Imagine being a white farmer in Africa.  One day a racist leader gains control and says that your land no longer belongs to you.  Instead, it now belongs to the government and the government is going to give it back to the black people.  They don’t want white men in their country.  They beat you up, torture your workers, burn your crops and destroy your property.  Your deed means nothing.

This is the story of such a farmer under the dictatorship of Mugabe.

Waiting for Superman

It’s no secret that education is in need of some reform.  If it’s not a very important issue for you, watch this movie and see why so many are calling for changes in our schools.

It may just sound a much needed alarm.  Where’s Superman?!

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

I had never heard of the Toynbee Tiles before watching this documentary.  It’s intriguing.  Although the mystery still exists, this documentary is based on the dedicated efforts of a few to find the person behind them and the reasons that surround these mysterious tiles.  It’s a bit slow at times, but interesting nonetheless.

If you’ve never heard of these tiles, I encourage you to watch what the “big deal” is all about because, apparently, they’re kind of a big deal.


It’s all about chemical-free and abuse-free foods in this documentary that chronicals the efforts of sustainable-living proponents.  They hope to create a better food system through their efforts and make healthy foods more available, first at the local level and hopefully gain traction at the national level.

How “fresh” is your food?


He’s the real deal.  He’s the master.  He’s the original, real life horse whisperer.  Hear his story.  Watch him in action.  Be inspired.  Learn just how far a little respect can go.

All In This Tea

I’m a coffee drinker and sometimes I dabble in tea.  Not so with this guy.  His travels and love of tea eventually led him to being a guru of sorts when it comes to tea and the tea industry.  I never knew tea could be so diverse, and I never realized the inequalities that exist in the buying and trading of this commodity.

 Rich in history and in beautiful scenes of nature.  It’s a fascinating look into tea and many of its complexities.

Grab yourself a cup, sit back, and enjoy!


Burzynski claims he’s found an effective treatment in curing cancer.  However, medical research being as it is in a world of pharmaceutical dominance and askew FDA regulations, the cure nor its champion have been given the honor they deserve.  Instead, the man behind it all has lost nearly everything, including his credibility, in his fight to treat patients.

 Is it a conspiracy?  Is he a crazy man?  Whatever  you decide, this documentary poses some really good questions when it comes to big pharma, cancer, and the people involved in it all.

The Human Experience

Four young men set out on a journey to experience the lives that others live.  Homeless.  Orphaned.  Diseased.  Outcast.

By living on the fringes, they come to terms with themselves, with others, and the lives they’ve been given whether they be good, bad, or ugly.  An inspirational film for sure.

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