On Being a Stay At Home Mom: Blessing of Nothing Too Pressing

As a SAHM, there’s very little that hurries my life except for what I decide gets packed into it.  If I’m too busy, I have no one to blame but myself.  This is really true for all of us–the pace and rush of our lives is no ones responsibility but ours–but for a SAHM, it’s a bit more realistic than many.  I don’t have a boss to answer to, deadlines to meet, clients to entertain, paperwork to file before the company accountant leaves for vacation, etc.  I don’t have an 8-5 schedule with a list of things that need to get done for others, a 5-9 to dedicate to my family’s needs, and then a 9-10:30 to split between my marriage and myself.

The role of SAHM includes the VERY BIG perk of a fluid schedule with nothing too pressing.

If I’m pressed and rushed, if the beloved teddy bear goes missing and I can’t search because of getting somewhere, if frustrations mount and I can’t hug them away for my kiddo, if I don’t have time to rock-a-bye a boo boo instead of sticking on a band aid and saying, “Suck it up. We don’t have time for tears, today,” — and this kind of thing is happening frequently or more than once in a blue moon — then it’s time to reevaluate why, as SAHMs, we feel the need to be so busy.  What are we trying to prove?  Who are we trying to please with such packed schedules?  Why are we not saying, “No, thank you.” to more stuff?  Does a fuller schedule really equal a fuller life?

One of the reasons I love being a SAHM is because I have as much time as I want to give to my children and my home.  I don’t have to rush from place to place, meeting to meeting, going here and there and everywhere with very little wiggle-room.   As such, I have time to be peace-full and relaxed.  I have a wider cushion which allows me to keep calm, having a pretty good perview as to what’s happening in the majority of situations involving my kids and me and what’s going on emotionally.  I have a better read on things because I’m able to step back and watch what’s going on rather than having to be so focused on getting out the door with everyone and their things all the time.

Nothing is too pressing that I can’t address the heart of things first–the peace, the love, the joy, the patience, the kindness  . . .  that sets the tone for everything else.

What’s the point in sending my kids off to school every day, well-dressed, if they’re rushed and crabby and stressed before they even get there.  Sure, they look finely groomed on the outside, but what am I leaving ungroomed on the inside?

Today, even though it’s November in North Dakota, the streets and sidewalks are clear enough and the weather warm enough to ride bikes to school.  Being it snowed last weekend, we put the bikes in the shed, but decided to get them out today.  This created a bit of frustration as the bikes were a bit resistant to leaving the shed–they thought they were comfortably tangled for the winter, but, no, we messed that up for them.  As such, my Sophia had a hard time getting hers unstuck which led to frustration which led to tears, which led to led to foggy glasses, a runny nose, and an empty heart.

Because I have no where I need to go, I had her step inside the warmth of our home, held her frustrated frame, and gently filled her heart back up again with my love.  The only thing that was pressing on my time was her and I could give it abundantly.

Moms, what is pressing on your time?  Are you living a hurried life?  If so, is this a season you’re in or a setting you’re on?  Only you can make the changes that lead to a fluid schedule.  My prayer is that you can walk in blessing of nothing to pressing.

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