A Cell Phone Dilemma

Guy with a Cell PhoneIf you found out that the metal components in your cell phone came from minerals mined by 12 year old children in the Congo, essentially slave labor, would that change how you view your cell activities?

And what if the profits of those conflict minerals were used to buy machine guns and support militia forces that pillage, rape, and kill countless men, women, and children in a country where peace has lost all meaning?

In “western” societies around the globe, we app ourselves nearly to death, while young boys are dying in shoddily built shafts, spending years of their lives, sweating and working harder than should ever be allowed only to face the fact that their lives will never change unless the companies which profit from their slave labor change how they do business.

And you know what, the likelihood of those companies changing how they do business is highly improbable unless cell phone consumers–you and me–change how we purchase their products and subscribe to their services.

What if we only bought cell phones that were conflict-free, refusing purchase of phones from companies that have components made from conflict minerals?

Would you be willing to hold off buying the newest, the latest, the greatest, knowing that perpetual technological upgrades perpetuate modern-day slavery and funds greed, violence, and civil war in areas that are largely unpoliced and unsafe for peace-keeping efforts to even become established?

Am I, are you, willing to be without a cell phone until our cell phone companies begin doing business in a way that prioritizes humanity over the bottom line?

What if the child mining these conflict minerals happened to be your child or grandchild so that someone across the world could watch a YouTube video from their phone or have faster relay of texting, downloading, or entertainment capabilities?  While your son or daughter is trying to help feed and clothe the family under the anxiety of death–today could be the day the mine collapses–someone across the world is playing Angry Birds . . .

Is our phone service worth countless lives–qualitative as well as quantitative–of some of the most already desperate humans on the planet?

Beyond the monthly phone charges, how much does my/your cell phone REALLY cost?  Do you even know?

I think it’s time we find out.

For more information, and to get your quest of uncovering the truth started, click here: http://bloodinthemobile.org/.


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  1. Amanda says:

    UPDATE: The last couple attempts to access the link above have proven fruitless. Therefore, I am providing a link to Blood in the Mobile’s Facebook page to help facilitate your search for information toward better outcomes: https://www.facebook.com/bloodinthemobile.

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