Little Purple Flower Shop Job

Purple WildflowerI’ve taken a little part-time job at the local flower shop.  I know, I know; I’m a SAHM, not a working mom.

So what.  Things change.  I knew at some point they would, I just never thought flower arranging  would be involved.

But, here’s the awesome thing (actually, there’re quite a few awesome things about this new gig):I still get to be a SAHM when I need to be, like when the kids get home from school, if ever they get sick, or during major school breaks (for the most part).

Here’s another thing: I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!  I love the diversity of flora.  I love being able to see things grow (house plants and such) and to make cut flowers look their very best during their last days.  I know it might sound crazy to some, and I’m okay with that, but I want each flower to be proud to be in an arrangement I put together.  I want to treat every flower with respect and with joy.  And knowing that what I create potentially will make others happy . . . win, win.

You see, I’ve always had a little picture in mind that keeps me going when purpose, as in “purposeful living”, seems elusive, and that picture is of a little lone purple flower in the middle of a gigantic field of grass.  This little wild flower inspires me because whether her loveliness is ever beheld by another living creature or not, she still tilts her head toward the sun and blooms with every ounce of her being.  Her worth isn’t dependent on whether she’s picked or pollinated or sniffed or photographed or oohed and aahhed over; no, her worth simply rests in her ability to be and to exist entirely as the flower she was created to be.  She would still bloom, in that spot, whether or not anyone or anything had other plans for her.

I want to be like that little flower.

To be sure, I know this is only a mental image I carry with me to get past my own insecurities and doubts and the restlessness that settles on me from time to time, but flowers (and nature, in general) happen to be what God uses many times to speak to my soul.  And to think I get to play with such beautiful, fragrant, diverse elements nearly every day–I’m a blessed girl indeed!

So be prepared, I’m sure flora is going to show up in my posts from time to time.

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One Response to “Little Purple Flower Shop Job”
  1. Judy Davis says:

    How wonderful for you! Thank you for the incite!
    I am so glad you look at it as a blessing! I am so excited for you!

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