Worshiping In the Gap

5195789299_c8f37d0994Whenever someone is down, or hurt, or lonely, or sad . . . as Christians we set ourselves to praying.  We put these people and their needs on the church prayer chain, make them our spoken requests before the congregation, and add them to our prayer lists, waiting to see when and how God will answer their needs.  Sometimes, in some churches, people will even offer themselves to be prayed over in their place–this is referred to as “standing in the gap”.  Spiritually, we hope that our efforts will be seen, our faith will be rewarded, and the blessings of God will be conferred to our friends in need.

I believe in this–praying for others and offering myself to God on their behalf.  I practice what I believe.

Then I got to thinking the other day, what if we extended this practice of praying to that of worshiping as well?  What if, when my friend is going through something difficult, I don’t just pray for her, I worship for her?  What if, when my brother in Christ is hurting, I not only offer him up in prayer before the Lord, but I also put on a worship album and lift my voice before God in his place?

I know that when I go through seasons of doubt or worry or trials, it can be really hard to worship God.  But I also know that shifting my focus from the situation before me and looking to God, especially in praise and worship, has a profound effect on how I deal with everything else.  When I worship God, tensions ease, I breathe deeper, my shoulders relax, the raincloud moves over and the Son shines through to brighten my outlook.  Worship makes it all manageable, and puts everything in its proper place.

Well, if it does that for me, what impact could my “worshiping in the gap” have on someone else?  I’m betting it could make a difference, because I just happen to believe that my God is that big and that good.  Call it foolishness.  Call it folly.  Call me crazy.  But whatever you call me, I’m going to try it.  Wanna join me?

Let’s get our worship on!



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