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It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my documentary-viewing with you–not because I haven’t watched any documentaries lately, only that I haven’t recommended them.

For those of you who don’t know, I love documentaries, but beyond that, there is a whole host of pointless entertainment out there that doesn’t contribute to the minds or souls of the public at all.  Grant it, some documentaries are pointless, but for the most part, many have something to say, to teach, to uncover that do have the power to stimulate something of depth and value in the best possible ways.  This is why, from time to time, I like to share documentaries that I feel are worthy of viewing.  They run a pretty wide gamut, so hopefully, the majority of you will find at least one that sounds interesting and worth your time.

Here goes.


Girl RisingGirl Rising 

This is a comparative documentary that takes a detailed look into the lives of 9 different girls from around the world.  Because 9 different filmakers document each story, each one has a different feel, but the common themes of education, gender (in)equality, economics and opportunity hold them all together.  This is an important film in that it allows the viewer to travel the world and see disparaties that aren’t often visible in our own neighborhoods.  Hopefully, after viewing this, you will feel more thankful of the priviledges in your life while looking for ways to  benefit others who need a bit of help in theirs.

Kiss the WaterKiss the Water

Not every fly is created equal; and in this one, you’ll meet a master fly tier.  Megan Boyd is one among few whose flies were sought after by fisherman the world over including Prince Charles.  Living a very simple, backwoods life Megan stuck with what she loved.  She was an artist as well as a nature lover, and even though she could tie a fly to capture the stubbornest of fish, she was not one to take up rod and reel.  While this documentary does look at the life of this woman, it highlights, more than anything the craft and her splendid creations. Like the rivers and creeks that wind through this film, it is emotive, lyrical and leisurely.

Mile Mile and a HalfMile . . . Mile & a Half

What do you get when four creative friends get an idea to hike the John Muir Trail?  This.  What begins with five soon becomes four.  Along the way they add two more and before it’s over, another six.  Capturing the over 200 miles in 25 days, these four friends, with cameras and sound equipment in hand, take us along on their journey through the California mountains and valleys during a record snowfall year.  Along the way they meet some others hiking the same trails with heavy backpacks and light frames (made even lighter as the days wear on).  This film encapsulates the beauty of nature and the bonds of friendship along with the strength of spirit and power of perseverance.  Scattered throughout the film are inspiring quotes from John Muir, the namesake of the trail and the founder of Sierra Club.

TinyTiny: A Story About Living Small

The tiny house revolution is growing in size as more and more people are learning the value of simplicity.  In this movie, we follow Christopher Smith as he makes his dreams reality, building his own tiny house from scratch along with the help from his girlfriend.  His story is a challenge to all of us, that as unable as we might feel to conquer unfamiliar tasks, we all can do amazing things.  Along with seeing the progress he makes, we also get to hear from others who have embraced the tiny house movement and the reasons for doing so.  These tiny houses are incredible!  It’s amazing what people can do with so little.

         .Living on One Dollar          Living On One Dollar

Four young American men of priviledge decide to take a journey to into the heart of international poverty to get as real a sense as possible to see what it’s really like. Moving into a rural farming villiage, they put themselves on a “realistic” budget and decide to make money by farming.  Each day, they visit with their neighbors, learn the real stories of money management where money is scarce, and pull numbers from a hat to determine their own rations–some days they have $9.00 to split between the four of them, other days they have none.  Poverty is a major reality for so many around the world.  See how real people are finding solutions, and learn about little things that make huge differences in the lives of so many.  Whatever the balances in our bank accounts, most of us truly are richer than we believe.  This film reminds us why.



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