Worship: Trusting You to Move Me

All God’s creatures got a place in the choir  Some sing low and some sing higher  Some sing out loud on the telephone wire  Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they’ve got now This song, “A Place in the Choir” recently made popular again by Celtic Thunder, makes me think of church […]

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War and Peace and Prayer

A woman in our church had died which provided us the perfect opportunity for first-hand training rather than simply talking about the theories and principles of funeral services.  My mentor, Rev. K, told me about funerals she had led in the past, debacles–perceived or otherwise–she had experienced, and of walking a fine line between mission […]

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A Clarification (to my previous post)

I want to clear things up just a bit, though I don’t know if my efforts will do much good. Nevertheless, it is being said of me that in a recent blog post of mine I am “bashing working moms. ” However, I want to make it known that it certainly wasn’t my intent to […]

Daycare Dilemma

First of all, let me just say, I hate what the term “childcare problems” implies about our children.  Unwittingly, this subconsiously sends the message that our children are hassles and inconveniences.  Children that need care-taking are problems.  Why don’t we instead gather together as communities to discuss “parentcare problems?”  Why is it so hard to […]

Top 10 of 2013

I know 2013 isn’t over yet, which still gives me more time to read and maybe find something that should be on this list, but I wanted to get it put together in case some of you might want to purchase a book or two for holiday giving this year or take some down time and […]

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Worshiping In the Gap

Whenever someone is down, or hurt, or lonely, or sad . . . as Christians we set ourselves to praying.  We put these people and their needs on the church prayer chain, make them our spoken requests before the congregation, and add them to our prayer lists, waiting to see when and how God will […]

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What Defines a Person . . .

. . . thank the Lord it doesn’t have to be the past. I was in my last year at bible college, on a good path toward a great future, in love with a guy I’d met over the summer who now lived hours away, preparing for a vocation in full-time ministry.  I was ready […]

Little Purple Flower Shop Job

I’ve taken a little part-time job at the local flower shop.  I know, I know; I’m a SAHM, not a working mom. So what.  Things change.  I knew at some point they would, I just never thought flower arranging  would be involved. But, here’s the awesome thing (actually, there’re quite a few awesome things about […]

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A Cell Phone Dilemma

If you found out that the metal components in your cell phone came from minerals mined by 12 year old children in the Congo, essentially slave labor, would that change how you view your cell activities? And what if the profits of those conflict minerals were used to buy machine guns and support militia forces […]

A Celebration of the Cells

Today as I was brushing my teeth, my gums felt as if they were throwing a party in my mouth.  I don’t know why today, on just a regular Thursday, my gums would feel so happy to be brushed, but they did. And upon this happy sensation I realized that every cell in my body […]

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